Mini Wright

Peak Expiratory Flow

Clement Clarke's flagship range of peak flow meters are first choice for healthcare professionals when it comes to the measurement of peak expiratory flow. The Mini-Wright brand is recognised worldwide as the 'Gold Standard' in asthma management. Each Mini-Wright device is individually hand calibrated, to ensure maximum accuracy.

Peak flow meters allow patients to monitor their asthma; Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) is a measurement of how fast a patient can blow out. When a patient is well their PEF is higher, when the airways are narrow (as in asthma) PEF is lower.

The first choice for Peak Expiratory Flow measurement of healthcare professionals worldwide, the Mini-Wright is the original portable peak flow meter and has been a globally recognized brand for many years:

Mini Wright Features

  • Accurate measuring of Peak Expiratory Flow
  • Recognized as "The Gold Standard" for asthma management
  • Available in EU, Wright- Mc Kerrow and ATS scales
  • AFS Low Range Scale Meters; suitable for children and patients with severe air flow obstruction
  • Calibrated individually to ensure accuracy and reproducibility
  • The new Mini Wright Digital is a Digital PEF/FEV1 Meter

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