Cortex Metamax

The wireless outdoor and indoor Cardiopulmonary Exercise testing system with applications in sports and exercise science as well as occupational medicine

The METAMAX® is a mobile, mains independent indoor and outdoor metabolic exercise testing system for sports and exercise science as well as for occupational medicine. Complete performance testing directly under actual performed activity. Thanks to the bidirectional wireless transmission and battery operation you can obtain previously unachievable freedom for your application. This means: put it on, connect it and measure. A variety of hardware expansions and complementary software options increase flexibility.

Key Features

  • Maximum measurement precision as a result of cutting-edge Bi-directional sensor technology and rapid calibration
  • Extremely compact design, carefully designed body attachment and light weight (570 g including battery)
  • Mains-independent operation for up to 15 hours
  • Wireless range up to 1.0 km
  • Respiratory gas analysis using the breath-by-breath or mixing chamber methodology
  • Patented bidirectional transfer of test data and audio feedback for effi cient management of the test subject
  • Measuring the heart rate with a chest strap and recording the heart function with a 3-channel or 12-channel ECG
  • Cutting-edge GPS technology to determine speed and altitude
  • Integration of blood pressure devices and pulse oxymetry systems

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