Cortex Metalyzer

The handy and portable system for medical practices, hospitals and training facilities

Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing for diagnosis, therapy and prevention – that is the focal point of our research and development. The METALYZER® systems in conjunction with our MetaSoft®Studio software are the key to our innovative success. Whether as a metabolic exercise testing system for performance testing or as a complete Cardio Pulmonary Exercise testing system – CORTEX measurement technologies and the powerful CORTEX software solutions will convince you

Key Features

  • Incomparable measurement precision as a result of cutting-edge sensor technology and simple, rapid calibration
  • Respiratory gas analysis using breath-by-breath or mixing chamber methodology
  • Measurement and monitoring of heart function via a heart rate chest strap or 12-channel ECG
  • Small, light, portable: 24 x 17 x 9 cm weighing only 1,3 kg, in a robust carrying case
  • Individual and reusable masks available in different sizes
  • Additional diagnostic measurement systems of important parameters and peripheral components
  • Interfacing and control of almost all current available bicycle ergometers and treadmills
  • Interfacing to hospital and practice IT systems
  • Numerous software options

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