MEE Smart pft CO transfer - CO Diffusion System

Fast, linear and selective gas analysis for precise CO transfer testing.

CO transfer testing system comes with table, 3D stand and test gas bottle. Diffusion System made up of stable metal box with gas analyzer, ambient condition sensors and micro processor unit. The gas analyzer unit is selective and very linear with a fast response time. It comes with low resistance demand valve for efficient gas supply which helps to reduce gas consumption. Flow sensor with shutter and demand valve with low dead space. Flow sensor type is a variable orifice with low resistance at all flow rates. It doesn’t require expensive naphion sampling tubes since it is not influenced by any breathing humidity. Gas bottle holder as extension for the table is included as standard with optional trolley table. Online gas and volume graphs will come during test to avoid errors during the maneuver. A comfortable report generator allows modification of existing print templates and to create new print templates.



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