Baby Compact Smokerlyzer


The babyCOmpact is the perfect solution for routine CO screening in antenatal clinics. Designed especially for expectant mothers, the small and affordable monitor shows the level of carbon monoxide in the expectant mother’s system. Health professionals can then discuss the potential effects of smoking on the foetus, and offer help and support if the individual decides to quit smoking.

The babyCOmpact CO monitor works on the same principal as the rest of the Smokerlyzer range, providing safe, accurate, on-the-spot CO testing with instant results.

Baby Compact Features

  • Visible stop smoking motivation for expectant mothers
  • Analyses CO in a single breath
  • Instant results
  • Easy-to-read, traffic-light-coloured LED display
  • Hygienic, disposable Flatpak™ mouthpieces
  • Clinically proven stop smoking help