Cortex Aircheck

Metabolic exercise testing analyzes gas exchange under physical exertion. The chemical composition of respired gas, combined with other easily measurable cardiac and pulmonary parameters, provide significant information to other aspects of maximum physical performance, fat burning, anaerobic threshold and resting metabolic rate. The test procedure is simple and takes less than 20 minutes (incl. preparation) on a bicycle ergometer or a treadmill. In the process, the composition of respired gas and all cardiac and respiratory parameters are recorded. The uniqueness: energy metabolism is not only calculated, but measured precisely and absolutely individually. This even convinces the most discerning clients.

Standard package includes

  • AIRCHECK Mixing chamber device
  • one AIRCHECK software test license (selectable: Maximum Exercise Test or Fat Burning Test or Resting Metabolic Rate Test)
  • CORTEX Single-Use Flow Sensor
  • Gas sample line
  • CORTEX Personal-Use Masks incl. Harness
  • Garmin® belt for heart-rate determination
  • Power supply incl. Power cord
  • Twin Tube
  • Crossover network cable
  • Product documentation
  • Carrying case

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