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Absolute quality has the highest priority at ergoline. Only in this way can we fully win the user’s trust in our devices. ergoline offers the complete security of a globally recognized brand, both in terms of technical perfection and longevity. It is our declared business goal to manufacture and market durable products of the highest quality in economically as well as ecologically compatible processes, which have a high degree of precision, performance and reliability.

Seat ergometer

Ergoline offers the optimum solution for every application. From the ergometer for stress ECG examinations via exercise ergometer with integrated pulse receiver to the sophisticated home ergometer – the modular ergoselect series enables the right configuration for your application.

ergoselect 1

ergoselect 100

ergoselect 150

ergoselect 200

ergoselect 4

ergoselect 5

Special ergometer

Ergoline also offers the right products for special requirements of cardiovascular diagnostics and cardio training.

ergoselect 400

ergoselect 600

Couch ergometers

As a classic recumbent ergometer with retractable ergometry unit or as a semi-recumbent ergometer with adjustable reclining surface – especially for older patients, these load units provide the necessary safety. And for the special requirement “stress echo cardiography”, ergoline sets a new standard for this area of ​​application with the variety of functions of the ergoselect 12.


ergoselect 10


ergoselect 12

ergoselect 1200


ergoselect 8

Training ergometer

Perfect training ergometer for a professional cardiovascular training in therapeutic use and at home.

optibike 400

optibike 600


optibike basic


optibike plus


During stress ECG examinations and in rehabilitation treadmills are often used as an alternative to the classic seat ergometer. ergoline also offers a first-class product with a wide range of accessories for this area.


ergo sprint

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Systems

A precise measuring system with state-of-the-art microelectronics, high production quality and not least low acquisition and operating costs are the outstanding features of the ergoscan long-term blood pressure systems.


ergoscan duo


Mobile, functional and comfortable – ergocar is the ideal basis for an ergonomic workplace in practice and clinic.

ergocar basic

ergocar PC

opticare basic training software

The perfect complement to the training documentation of a cardiovascular training. Individual programs can be stored on a chip card and thus transferred to an ergoline ergometer for training. The complete training results (pulse data, load curves, etc.) are written by the ergometer after the training on the chip card and are thus – after reading in the PC – for the control and documentation in opticare basic software available.

smart card

ergoline training ergometers have an integrated chip card unit with which the ergoline training cards are read and written.

The ergoline ergometers used for the training can be configured so that training is only possible with the training programs stored on the chip card – a manual increase of the load values ​​by the patient is thereby prevented.

Individual training programs

Up to 10 different training profiles (eg constant-load training, heart rate-controlled training or interval training) can be defined individually for each trainee and saved on an ergoline chip card. All training parameters incl. Warm-up and recovery phase can be easily adapted to the particular situation of the respective patient.

training analysis

Each individual training session can be graphically displayed with the associated heart rate and exercise curve – the relevant parameters (eg type of training, exercise duration, maximum HR, etc.) are also displayed as numerical values. The most important parameters of all training units of a patient are clearly displayed in tabular form.

Integrated database

The opticare basic software can store any number of patients with all training results. Extensive presentation and documentation options are available to evaluate the development of the performance of a patient or trainee.

The data can be exported for further processing (eg for study purposes).


Customer-oriented, qualified service at fair prices, fast reaction times and trained, competent contact persons are the important elements of our ergoline premium support. In doing so, we always put our customers in the spotlight – regardless of whether they are installing, modifying or repairing.

Our service center always helps with all necessary information and information.

ergotest 550 test stand

Excellent performance, simple intuitive operation through a test software with integrated database characterize the mobile test bench ergotest 550. 
The ergotest 550 is the ideal device for mobile service use after repair and to carry out the prescribed metrological controls (MTK) and can of course be delivered with an official calibration certificate from an accredited testing laboratory.

Blood Pressure Calibration

To carry out a metrological control (MTK) on blood pressure measuring systems of ergometers, the ergoline calibration set contains all the required components: pressure gauge (with calibration certificate), a standard-compliant expansion tank, hand pump and a complete hose set with all the adapters required.

Ergometer assembly trolley

Indispensable for ergometer repairs in the workshop – the universal, mobile ergoline assembly trolley facilitates access to all ergometer components and enables safe working thanks to its sturdy design.

Suitable adapters for all ergoline ergometers are included.

Ergometer positioning aid

Safe and energy-saving lifting of ergoline ergometers for static load balancing by means of calibration weight.

The erection aid is completely dismountable and is delivered in a compact transport container.

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