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WOODWAY is a global organization built on the efforts and commitment of dedicated professionals. Our purpose is to manufacture products and provide service that exceeds our customers expectations through continuous improvements in quality and design. Our focus is on building lasting customer relationships that will endure For The Long Run®.


By viewing our customers as partners with a focus on their goals, we will provide unique and superior solutions that will help our partners achieve lasting success For The Long Run®.


WOODWAY’s history begins in Germany in 1974. Willi Schoenenberger, a technical director in charge of planning a fitness center, noticed that the most important piece of equipment, the treadmill, didn’t meet the most important requirements: a mechanically sound machine that is designed to meet human needs.

He envisioned a comfortable surface that didn’t interfere with the natural biomechanics of running or walking. Also, he wanted a transportation system which eliminated the friction associated with conventional (conveyor belt) treadmills. After intensive research, and trial and error (and in cooperation with the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne, Germany), Willi developed and patented a very unique and revolutionary treadmill design.

In 1975, WOODWAY GmbH was founded in Weil am Rhein, Germany. The name “WOODWAY” is derived from the German “Waldweg” (Wald = Wood and Weg = Way) – the feel of running on a soft pine needle covered path in the forest.

In 1983, a manufacturing license was awarded to Sakai Medical, for the use of WOODWAY technology in the Japanese marketplace.

In 1988, a U.S. license was granted to a small, well-established manufacturing company in Waukesha, Wisconsin. WOODWAY USA was formed when the U.S. incarnation of the WOODWAY was developed and completed in 1990. WOODWAY USA is proud to be the primary manufacturer of WOODWAY Treadmills worldwide, exporting treadmills for international distribution, in addition to serving our domestic customers and clients.

Today, WOODWAY’s design and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany and Japan make WOODWAY the largest specialized treadmill manufacturer in the world. Constant enhancements in quality, design and function are shared and implemented by all three WOODWAY manufacturers.

As WOODWAY moves forward, attention to product quality, innovation, and customer service are at the forefront of our efforts. Along with our treadmills, other products, services and strategic relationships are being developed so as to keep WOODWAY on the leading edge as we meet fitness training, testing and rehabilitation needs.



Woodway Medical Treadmills

The LokoHelp is an electromechanical gait trainer that was developed to relieve therapist’s labor-intensive task of guiding the patient’s legs during locomotion therapy. Locomotion therapy using the LokoHelp not only assists therapists, but also improves gait symmetry and the quality of therapy for the patient.

Woodway Medical Treadmills



The easy to use LokoHelp enables a more cost-efficient and time-intensive training of the therapeutic staff.  Short preparation times allow for greater patient throughput with relatively low acquisition and operating costs.
The LokoHelp’s quick and easy preparation leaves more time for therapy and less set up time, which means more time for actual treatment.

Woodway Medical Treadmills


Treadmill therapy, particularly with a patient who is severely impaired, can subject the therapist to increased physical exertion, uncomfortable body positions, and the pain of overexertion. 

Regardless of the possible discomfort, the therapist wants to give the patient the best possible treatment and is, therefore, willing to accept the strain as part of his/her job. Despite the therapist’s dedication, the significant effort necessary in order to guide the patient’s feet consistently and symmetrically often makes therapy possible only for a short period of time and rarely can it be provided throughout an entire training session. Therefore, given the number of repetitions and the fact that trigger mechanisms are so important for the locomotor training program, the therapist can, and should, be supported. 

The LokoHelp® gait trainer fulfills this important objective. It allows the therapist to face the patient directly, motivate him or her through verbal instructions, and properly correct the execution of each exercise.



The LokoHelp® is an electromechanical gait-training system based on the “end effector” principle. The mechanical support of the standing/swinging- leg cycle is accomplished by using the feet as the last link in the kinematic chain. The patient should not be moved passively but should instead work along with the machine as much as possible. Ideally, the extensions of the knee and hip should be controlled by the patient.


Postural control, in addition to standing and the swinging of the legs, is essential for the ability to walk on the ground independently. Consequently, during LokoHelp® training, the patient’s trunk and pelvis are not rigidly fixed. Thus, additional postural requirements can be identified for patient training through appropriate exercises.


The LokoHelp®’s design facilitates added support from the therapist whenever necessary. The patient’s hip and knee joints, as well as the anterior and posterior thigh muscles, are accessible from all sides during LokoHelp® training.


The quick removal of the LokoHelp® gait trainer makes it easy to use the treadmill and weight support system for other applications. The main components: treadmill, weight support, and gait trainer, encourage effective application of therapy in all phases of gait training.


LokoHelp® therapy dramatically reduces the time and expenses associated with the training of therapy personnel. Accordingly, given the short preparation time, more efficient throughput can be achieved. The LokoHelp® system is affordable and inexpensive to operate, and it pays high dividends through more productive therapy sessions.

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