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Cardio Pulmonary Exercise System

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As the world market leader in mobile spiroergometry, CORTEX is represented in medicine, sports and fitness. With the product lines METAMAX ® and METALYZER ® , the company is leading the mobile and portable cardiopulmonary diagnostics to highest performance.CORTEX’s spiroergometry systems are used successfully all over the world: in basic research, cardiac routine diagnostics, in high performance sports and in fitness centers. Sports physicians, cardiologists, pulmonologists, work and rehabilitation physicians appreciate the expertise of CORTEX as well as trainers and sports scientists. Even in extreme situations, the technology has grown. The 2007 Xtreme Everest project relied on CORTEX systems, 
as did many Olympic bases .
The company is headquartered in Leipzig and has an extensive network of local sales and service partners on all continents. All CORTEX products are CE certified and comply with European standards for quality and safety. All CORTEX partners in sales and service are quality-tested.

High lights:

The highlights of the METAMAX ® 3B

  • Extremely lightweight, mobile breath-by-breath system (580 g)  
  • Telemetry range of over 1,000 m(bi-directional telemetry with Bluetooth ® technology)
  • With chest and back carry system
  • Convenient control via Smart Control, laptopor stand-alone
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • 400 hours of data storage
  • Constant, dynamic flow control
  • Freely definable audio signals

Spiroergometry too

Your conditions

The METAMAX ® 3B can be operated in various ways with the laptop, the Smart Control or completely independently.Synchronize the recorded test data easily with the application software MetaSoft ® Studio.

To record the speed and position of the subject in the field test, the METAMAX ® 3B relies on a powerful GPS module. The calculated velocity and slope curve allows for each field test an objective load reference of the spiroergometric results

New: swimming option

for METAMAX ®  3B

Benefit in the swimming sport from the effective performance diagnostics through the spiroergometry. With the specially developed swimming option for the METAMAX ® 3B, CORTEX enables exact performance diagnostics in the water as well.

  • Suitable for flow channel, pool and open water
  • Ergonomically shaped special snorkel for freestyle and backstroke with integrated saliva suction and splash protection
  • Built-in heart rate module with 5 kHz technology under water and Bluetooth ® transmission over water
  • Waterproof, impact-resistant carrying case
  • 12 hours of operation by battery option


The METALYZER ®  3B is a high-resolution, portable spiroergometry system with breath-by-breath technology. The system enables complete medical functional analysis of the lungs, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress. 


  • Portable breath-by-breath system
  • internal battery with a running time of up to 12 hours (optionally available)
  • Bluetooth ®  LE for connecting HF, SpO2, power meters and other measuring devices
  • Interfaces to numerous ECGs
  • USB or Bluetooth ® connection to the PC
  • Front display with LED status indicators
  • Reverse polarity and damage-proof push-pull plug
  • Very low maintenance requirement
  • Monthly calibration intervals
  • O2 sensor with very long life
  • Constant, dynamic flow control
  • Modular future-proof construction of the system

New: CANOPY option


The CORTEX CANOPY option for METALYZER ® 3B enables comfortable basic and resting activity measurement without affecting the subject through a mask. 

The highlights:

  • Reliable gold standard measurement
  • Especially suitable for long measurements (without mask)
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Fully automatic control of the hood ventilation
  • High patient safety through automatic alarm function

Performance Package


The METALYZER ® 3B Performance Package already contains the most widely used hardware and software options in the field of sports and preventive medicine. In addition, the package includes a calibration kit, a mask extension set and a larger supply of consumables.

For more, visit: www.cortex-medical.com