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DLco+Body Box(MEE)

Smart PFT

This pneuomotachograph sensor type is used since more than 35 years for pulmonary function and pulmonary testing exercise because of excellent characteristics.

Low resistance ,low dead space, high linearity and absolutely no sensitivity to humidity make this sensor an optical choice

The data processing is based on a new low power Microprocessor technology.Digital pressure sensors reduce the risk electrical interferences.

The USB 2.0 PC interface guarantees long term compatibility for PC system.

The standard software includes newest GLI 2012 predicted value equations and SmartZeroing.

An online BTPS data sampling module can be added to the USB spirometer.

In all other systems BTPS sensors are integrated as standard.

SmartZeroing means the annoying zero happens discreetly and continously in the background .

Smart PFT USB based Spirometer

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