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Body Box(MEE)

SmartPFT Body Box

Easy-to-use software that meets the latest ERS/ATS recommendations Our experience in lung function testing for several years and the collaboration with doctors all over the world helped us to create a sophisticated software, with a modern and friendly user interface, that meets all the requirements of nearly every customer.

1 Design box with oval shaped glass for best pressure stability. Double doors for patients with poor mobility.

2 3D adjustable stand and hight adjustable chair. Physically linear ├čow sensor and shutter with low dead space.

3 Handrails to support the patients entering the box.

4 Automatic and precise calibration of box and mouth pressure.

5 Very low door step for patients with poor mobility.

6 Box with table and gas bottle holder, table is available as trolly (option).

  • All electronic sensors and main electronic boards are located in only one box to guarantee an efficient and fast service in case of a defect.
  • – Low power microcontroller technology upgradable for future needs.
  • – Smartpftverify ***, a physical verification of TGV and Resistance values (option).
  • – Full automatic BTPS correction for quiet breathing Resistance measurements.
  • -Automatic door and box valve management controlled by a door sensor.
  • – Safe auto zeroing means, the patient can breath during the zeroing procedure.
  • -Ambient conditions sensors make the manual input of these data unnecessary. We want to make the lung function testing as safe and simple as possible.
  • -The test software is programmed using C# for .NET, a SQL server based data base guarantees a save data management in large networks and high data volume.

Options available

  • Challenge test
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Respiratory drive test (P01/Pmax)
  • Rocc
  • SpO2-device
  • GDT Interface
  • HL7 Interface

Software key feature list

  • GLI 2012, actual predicteds
  • SQL Data base
  • Software created using most advanced WPF programming tools
  • Fullfills required standards accorting to ATS and ERS
  • Can be upgraded any time
  • Automized data base backup routine
  • AutoZeroing: No need for the patient to move from the device
  • Print editor, to create and / or modify customized printe templates
  • Incentives

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