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Smart PFT Bluetooth

Smart PFT Bluetooth

Simplicity, precision and design as a symbiosis

PC based Spirometer

PC-based USB spirometer with Bluetooth for precise spirometry measurements. The smart PFT USB is our basic low-cost spirometer for the use on every PC. The use of modern electronics and sensors as well as our completely linear flow sensor (based on pneumotachograph) enables the performance of extremely precise spirometry tests.Easily connected bluetooth devices can transfer data.

Options available

  • Rhinomanometry
  • Respiratory drive test (P01/Pmax)
  • Rocc
  • GDT Interface
  • HL7 Interface

Software key feature list

  • GLI 2012, actual predicteds
  • SQL Data base
  • Software created using most advanced WPF programming tools
  • Fullfills required standards accorting to ATS and ERS
  • Can be upgraded any time
  • Automized data base backup routine
  • AutoZeroing: No need for the patient to move from the device
  • Print editor, to create and / or modify customized printe templates
  • Incentives

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