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The history:

Bedfont® Scientific Ltd, then called Bedfont® Technical Instruments Ltd., was established in 1976 by Dr John Marron. It remained a one-man business until Trevor Smith joined as marketing director in March 1985. A chartered chemist with an extensive career in the chemical gas industry, Trevor channelled his ideas and innovation into the company that would, today, become the pioneer in breath analysis for medical applications.

Built on over 10 years of world-renowned accuracy and reliability, the 2nd Generation NObreath® FeNO monitor is the only FeNO device to bring respiratory professionals unlimited testing capabilities.

Incorporating SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology, NObreath® also has built-in patient test compliance, on-screen test incentives, adjustable flow settings and much more.

Measuring ENO with NObreath ENO Tester allows consistent, non-invasive measurement of expired breath nitric oxide (NO). This can be used as a marker for airway inflammation and on-going monitoring of treatment.

Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) Airway inflammation is a central process in asthma and other lung diseases1 . Being able to detect eosinophilic airway inflammation and monitor a patient’s response to treatment is regarded as gold standard in the management of respiratory diseases. The production of nitric oxide is often found to be higher in inflammatory conditions such as asthma and therefore FeNO monitoring can be used for the detection and management of such conditions2 , but also to differentiate between COPD, ACOS and other interstitial lung diseases that are not assessed by other means, such as lung function3 . Nitric oxide measurement is not intended as a stand-alone method for diagnosis and should be used in conjunction with other evaluation methods and tests4 . Using FeNO measurements to evaluate airway inflammation in asthma represents a significant advance in respiratory medicine5 , but until now this has been an expensive test to deliver in everyday practice.

Benefits of performing FeNO tests:

•Non-invasive, quick and easy to perform.

•Aids in asthma management, assisting the correct prescription and making monitored adjustments

• Shows patient adherance to treatment

•Aids in identifying patients who do/do not require on-going treatment

• Shown to be superior to the majority of conventional tests of lung function, such as peak flow recording and spirometry

•Aids in differentiating between allergic (eosinophilic) and non-allergic asthma .

NObreath Features

  • Integrated ambient air NO filter.
  • Visual and audible user feedback to ensure correct sample taken.
  • Unique patent pending NObreathFlo™ system – easy to perform a test.
  • Small, lightweight, portable.
  • Battery powered (3 x AA).
  • Colour touch screen.
  • Simple, graphics driven user interface.
  • Auto-calibration and ability to perform functional verification.
  • Single-use disposable mouthpiece for infection control.
  • Anti-bacterial filter and one-way valve.


NObreath® Forum Purchasing a NObreath® entitles you to free membership of the NObreath® forum. The NObreath® forum is an international, invitation-only platform where professionals using the Bedfont® NObreath® FeNO monitor can communicate, share experiences and knowledge, and ask for other professional opinions. There is no cost or obligation to participate but membership is free when you purchase a NObreath®.

FREE FeNOchartTM patient management software.

FeNOchartTM is free patient management software available with every NObreath®. FeNOchartTM enables you to track patients progress, view live reading, download results plus much more.

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