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About MIR Research & Development

The R&D department has an advanced level of technical excellence and its researchers play a strategic role in projects at international level collaborating with medical researchers all over the world.

All the R&D phases of the company’s products including market research, feasibility studies, pre-industrialisation with development of prototypes and relative validation and product testing, are carried out in-house.

MIR invests 16% of its annual turnover in R&D always focusing its efforts on new:

Diagnostic desktop spirometer with Optional oxymetry

  • FVC, VC with breathing pattern plus MVV tests with real time curves
  • Stand alone or PC online operation
  • Spirometer with 6000 test memory
  • High resolution color screen
  • Fast but silent thermal printer
  • Records best 3 trials.
  • Up to 8 blows on one screen
  • Digital turbine flow meter with guaranteed accuracy in all environmental conditions
  • Optional Oxymeter with 1000 hours of recording
  • F/V or V/T curves in online Display.
  • PRE-POST Bronchodilator Comparison
  • Internal temperature sensor for BTPS conversion.
  • USB and Bluetooth (optional) data transmission.
  • Spirometry Tests available-FVC,SVC,MVV(Pre and Post)
  • Measured parameters-FVC,FEV1,FEV1/FVC%,FEV6,FEV1/FEV6%,PEF,FEF25%,FEF50%,FEF75%,FEF25-75%,FET,FIV1,FIVC,FIV1/FIVC%,MVV,VT,ERV,IVC,VC and many more.
  • Short or long term (overnight) SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurements.
  • ODI, NOD, T90%, T89%, T88, T87%
  • Sleep oximetry with desaturation events.
  • Oximetry during exercise test
  • Quality Certifications-FDA,ATS,ISO(9001-2000),ISO(13485)

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