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Quality and experience have the highest priority

We ensure quality through strict quality controls and constant product improvement – based on the quality standards of DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016 (Directive 93-42-EEC Annex II), which were introduced in 1997 and have been practiced since the 1980s.

Professionalism, experience and all-round service are our strengths in customer service – just as it is only possible in a “small but fine” company –

By working together with well-known European complete equipment suppliers, we have decades of in-depth experience in the contract business.

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We would like to thank all our customers and friends who showed their interest by attending our booth at the “MEDICA 2018”.07/15/2018

PRO-MED Ultrafine atraumatic tweezers

Tweezers in ophthalmological format with atraumatic debakey toothing.07/12/2018

“Non Scalpel” Vasectomy

The Non Scalpel Vasectomy has become the preferred method of male sterilization.09/07/2018


Demountable Laminectomy Rongeure: Easy to clean.07/03/2017

“Non Scalpel” Vasectomy XXS

Smaller incisions = less trauma!06/03/2017

PRO-MED Micro / Plastic Surgery “Light Weight”

Micro instruments with light metal handles: optimized handling and fatigue-free working due to minimized weight – ergonomic grip for …20/10/2016

PRO-MED ENT / plastic surgery

We are pleased to introduce our latest innovation in the field of ENT / plastic surgery!09/23/2016

PRO-MED plastic and reconstructive surgery

New in the program: proven instruments for plastic and reconstructive surgery. 
Inform yourself about our model variety!17/10/2016


S√úDKURIER: Tuttlingen World Center of Medical Technology. There is no operation carried out Worldwide, in which not instruments from Tuttlingen to …02/17/2016

PRO-MED ENT – Buck Ear Curettes

Buck ear curettes in 28 different versions

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