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Custo Cardio-400

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Since 1982 our Enterprise Group is well-known for diagnostic system solutions in the heart and circulation area. “custo med”-products are successfully used in hospitals and medical practices.

Engaged teams develop, produce, support and market our medicine products and software at our headquartes in Ottobrunn near Munich.

Authorized distribution and service partners care for our numerous “custo med” users as reliable contacts in Germany and over 30 more countries.

The cooperation with predominantly regional suppliers is strictly supervised. Our quality management gets certified every year via audit.

We provide high-quality diagnostic tools in a fast changing IT-environment for our professional customers and their patients.

Resting / Stress Test ECG – custo cardio 400

custo cardio 400 is a resting/stress test ECG with suction unit in one device. It sets new standards in functionality, operability and hygiene. After intensive test series, custo cardio 400 – as its predecessor custo cardio 200 – has been awarded the certificate of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene. Exchangeable, reusable electrodes ensure an impeccable application as far as hygienic aspects are concerned. Due to the enhanced pacemaker detection, the new custo true wave® filters, a sampling rate up to 32 kHz and the high functionality, custo cardio 400 has become a 12-channel ECG of the latest generation.FACTS CUSTO CARDIO 400

  • Perfect data transfer via USB and Bluetooth
  • Mobile application
  • Sampling rate up to 32 kHz for a higher resolution and improved pacemaker detection
  • Defibrillation protection dielectric strength 5000 V (recovery time < 10s)
  • Suction capacity 6 steps, 0 – 280 mBar (in 40 mBar steps)
  • custo true wave® filter
  • Electrode check with automatic indication of quality


  • Skin-friendly use due to gentle application
  • (Suction pressure is automatically adapted).
  • Automatic suction control (gentle application)
  • Bionic functionality due to “octopus sucker” with patented spiked contact areas
  • Electrodes and suction lines can be easily exchanged

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