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CO Monitors

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CO Monitors

The products in the Smokerlyzer® range are all breath carbon monoxide (CO) monitors to aid smoking cessation. The monitors measure the amount of CO on a smoker’s breath. For professionals, it is a way to biochemically establish a person’s smoking status and for the smokers themselves, the Smokerlyzer® is a motivational visual aid to encourage them to quit and to measure their progress whilst doing so.

An easy to use hand-held and non-invasive monitor for the testing of patients to determine level of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the blood.

Those who smoke can build up high levels of CO in the blood, which can lead to heart disease, circulation problems and high blood pressure. Measuring levels of CO can assist in smoking cessation. It is estimated that smoking is the cause of 29% of all cancer deaths in the UK. Stopping smoking can reduce the number of deaths from heart disease and cancer.

Non-invasive, quick and easy to use. Instant readings with traffic light system, for easy interpretation of patient’s results. An aid to establish a smoker’s dependence on nicotine. Tests patient’s compliance with smoking cessation programme PC-interactive COdata+™ software.

Fast and accurate, non-invasive breath test for smoking. Anti-infection controls reduce the risk of bacterial infection. Traffic light result system provides motivational visual aid to encourage patients to quit and to measure their progress whilst doing so.

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