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Bedfont® Scientific Ltd, then called Bedfont® Technical Instruments Ltd., was established in 1976 by Dr John Marron. It remained a one-man business until Trevor Smith joined as marketing director in March 1985. A chartered chemist with an extensive career in the chemical gas industry, Trevor channelled his ideas and innovation into the company that would, today, become the pioneer in breath analysis for medical applications.

The Micro+™ Smokerlyzer® CO monitor is the new-and-improved version of the revolutionary Micro™ Smokerlyzer®. The Micro™ Smokerlyzer® is a longstanding benchmark device used in clinical trials and research.

The Micro+™ is the most comprehensive CO monitor available. It analyses breath CO levels in adults and adolescents up to 250ppm, and automatically converts CO readings of pregnant women to foetal %COHb (carboxyhaemoglobin).

Micro+ Features

  • Analyses carboxyhaemoglobin and carbon monoxide levels in a single breath
  • Options for testing adults, adolescents and pregnant women
  • Instant conversion to foetal %COHb at the touch of a button
  • Clinically proven stop smoking help
  • Easy-to-use colour touch screen instantly displays the exact result
  • On-screen instructions with audio prompts
  • Store up to 100 readings and view them as a table or a graph
  • Improved electrochemical sensor and anti-humidity filter
  • Antibacterial filter and one-way valve for optimal infection control
  • Auto-zero and adjustable breath hold countdown
  • Built-in maintenance reminders
  • Minimal hydrogen cross-sensitivity

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