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The history:

Bedfont® Scientific Ltd, then called Bedfont® Technical Instruments Ltd., was established in 1976 by Dr John Marron. It remained a one-man business until Trevor Smith joined as marketing director in March 1985. A chartered chemist with an extensive career in the chemical gas industry, Trevor channelled his ideas and innovation into the company that would, today, become the pioneer in breath analysis for medical applications.

The piCO+™ Smokerlyzer® carbon monoxide monitor is the leader in a new generation of breath carbon monoxide monitors. It is used as a motivational stop smoking aid by health professionals all over the world.

The piCO+™ breath CO analyzer is handheld, accurate and easy to use. It provides a low cost and clinically proven way to determine carbon monoxide levels, motivating people to quit smoking and stay smoke free for good.

piCO+ Features

  • Analyses carboxyhaemoglobin and carbon monoxide levels in a single breath
  • Clinically proven stop smoking help
  • Options for testing adults, adolescents and pregnant women
  • Easy-to-read liquid crystal display
  • Exact results displayed instantly
  • On-screen instructions with audio prompts
  • Compatible with COdata+™ PC software
  • Automatic maintenance reminders

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