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Canada Goose sale After that I just set ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING on the lowest setting and loaded my game up to see exactly how bad this is. I was getting 45fps with everything set to the lowest settings. This is definitely the worst Triple A title I seen on PC. Their actions in Tibet are absolutely reprehensible, and the censorship or things like blood or violence is just silly. My point is just that nothing is that black and white.Violation of human rights, ok have you ever been to those 2 parts of China? Have you seen Uyghurs terrorist killing innocent Chinese in train stations? In fact, do you even know the difference between Uyghurs and the majority of Chinese? You can just talk about human rights without talking about public safety.So disgusted by people who likes to just stand on the moral high ground and criticize things with very little or even no knowledge of what is the background of the story but just listening or reading the news.You don have to like China, and in fact, please criticize China, but the fact is that some people do approve even through these things.First of all, censorship, etc. Doesn affect everyone. Canada Goose sale

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